Private Tented Camp

Permanent/Semi Permanent Tented Camp

City/Town Hotel

"Africa is mystic; it is wild; it is a sweltering inferno; it is a photographer's paradise... an escapist's Utopia. It is what you will, and it withstands all interpretations." ~ Beryl Markham

Accommodation varies from 5 star hotels in cities to basic "fly camps" in wilderness areas. Most people are pleasantly surprised at the level of accommodation. Many of the safari camps and lodges we use offer very  good value for money, making it possible to keep costs down and stretch safari dollars further if budget is an issue. Surprisingly, there are many options for sheer luxury in the bush. We prefer to use small, owner operated camps and lodges when possible. When working together we'll give you suggestions or perhaps you've had a recommendation from a friend and we'll be happy to discuss the options. This is your safari, designed specifically for you and your group. Below we've outlined some of the different types of accommodation for you.

This is the ultimate in safari experience. A "mobile" camp is trucked to an exclusive site in a national park or wilderness area and set up just for you. A luxury experience in the bush often called "glamping", each tent is beautifully appointed and has many of the amenities of a hotel. Bathrooms are ensuite; hot water is heated on demand and hoisted above the shower enclosure in a bucket. A main mess tent serves as dining and lounge.


Gateway cities (such as Cape Town, Johannesburg or Nairobi) are often modern, bustling hubs of commerce. Here you'll find accommodation on par with European destinations. Smaller towns or cities such as Arusha, Kigali or Livingstone have fewer choices of five star hotels but have a good selection of comfortable, unique places to stay. Most of your travel will likely take place in the bush but depending on your country destination choice you may find yourself with time to enjoy some of the highlights these cities have to offer.

A permanent tented camp is similar to a lodge but the rooms are composed of canvas; the common areas are often of a more permanent construction and the camps stays put year round. A semi-permanent camp is closer to a private mobile camp in that it can be completely dis-assembled, ususally in the rainy seasons. Because it stays up for longer there are usually more "frills". Sleeping under canvas in the wilderness is a terrific experience and we suggest at least one of your safari stays be in a tented camp.

Lodges are "hotels in the bush". Here you'll have most of the amenities you'd find in accommodation anywhere in the world but with an African flair. Solid construction, electricity (that is most likely generated on site), hot and cold running water, a main area for dining, bar and lounge and often a swimming pool. Lodges can be located inside a park or wildlife area or in close proximity. Solar power may result in dimmer light than you're used to.

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