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So many places, so many choices! Africa is a vast continent, home to 54 sovereign nations. China, USA, India, Japan, Eastern Europe plus the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain fit in its foot print. When you say "Africa" it's just the beginning. Between our two directors, we have almost forty years of experience crafting trips to this amazing destination. Tell us what interests you, what you're passionate about, what your dream has always been; and we'll present you with some options to ensure you realize that dream.

SAFARI is a Swahili word that simply means "journey" or "trip". If someone in East Africa is on safari they may be visiting their mother in Dar es Salaam! To the world the word is now synonymous with an African adventure in pursuit of seeing and photographing wildlife and wilderness.

With Aurora Africa you won't get a "cookie cutter" safari but rather one that is designed especially for you. Together we'll choose the time of year, destination and accommodation that best suit you and your group. Families with children? No problem. Want to get off the beaten path? No problem. We're small and we have personal relationships with the companies, guides, camps, hotels and lodges that we recommend for you. So if an African adventure is on your bucket list, look no further. We'll introduce you to this amazing continent that has inspired explorers and captivated travellers for centuries.

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"There is something about safari life that makes you feel.... as if you've drunk half a bottle of champagne."~ Karen Blixen